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Call Governor Evers and ask him to veto the bill (608) 266-1212

Hello, my name is _ and I am from _. I am calling Governor Evers office about the Felony Trespass Bill, AB426, and encouraging him to veto it.
Here’s why:
-Governor Evers was elected on a promise to take meaningful action on climate change, and this was demonstrated through his recent announcement of a Climate Task Force. Vetoing this bill is his first chance to demonstrate his leadership as a climate champion.
– Failure to veto this bill would disappoint the many climate and environment advocates that have supported Governor Evers’ vision for a clean energy future for the state.
– The bill will have a chilling effect on protesters, and could even result in landowners and tribal members being arrested on their own property.
– Governor Evers cares deeply about ending mass incarceration in Wisconsin. This bill would create more felons, including people who would get 6 years in prison, pay $10K, and lose their right to vote just for trespassing.
– The bill would hurt community members across Wisconsin who care about the environment; our lakes and rivers; freedom of speech, and their first amendment rights
– This bill is a gift to Big Oil. The Oil Industry, Koch Brothers, and ALEC lead efforts to get similar bills introduced around the country in response to the Standing Rock protests.
– We need to be coming up with solutions to address climate change and mass incarceration, this does the opposite.

Governor Evers, please veto this bill.
Thank you for your time.

Other ways to help:

  • Call Lt. Governor Barnes and ask him to speak out: 608-266-3516
  • Write a Letter-to-the-editor
  • Share with your contacts on social media

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