It seems like a fantasy…

A skit at the Wisconsin state Capitol demonstrated the unbelievably, but possible. Here’s the speech by Maria Haskins of Menikanaehkem Inc. following the skit:

That fellow with the big head is Mark Maki, the president of the Canadian oil pipeline company Enbridge. It seems like a fantasy that a private pipeline company could tell Wisconsin police whom to imprison, but it could become reality if Gov. Evers doesn’t veto the Felony Trespass Bill.

The felony trespass bill would have a disproportionate effect on Native American communities in Wisconsin whose lands are affected by pipelines and oil and gas projects. Tribal members who exercise their treaty right to hunt, fish and gather in the ceded territory of Wisconsin, comprising the northern third of the state, may be subject to arrest for unknowingly trespassing on energy industry infrastructure.

Passage of this legislation would infringe on these harvest rights and interfere with federally-recognized treaty rights. It would also be in violation of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples that requires all extractive resource projects to obtain the free, prior and informed consent of Indigenous peoples. Neither the energy industry nor the state of Wisconsin has consulted any tribal government about how this legislation would infringe on the sovereignty of Wisconsin’s twelve Indian Nations.

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