No Felony Trespass Bill

Unfortunately, Governor Evers signed the Felony Trespass Bill on November 20. Stay tuned for opportunities to continue to stop the worst impacts of these bills from coming to fruition.

A new bill that would create a new felony for trespassing on “property owned, leased, or operated by energy companies engaged in the distribution of oil and petroleum.”

This is a gift to Big Oil, which wants to put a stop to water protectors opposing dangerous pipelines that leak and rupture, devastating lakes, rivers, and aquifers. Wisconsin is the 23rd state to introduce this ALEC-inspired bill in the wake of Standing Rock. The bill creates a new felony, trespass on .  You could get 6 years in prison, pay $10K, and lose your right to vote, even if it was your own land, and if it contained an oil pipeline. Click here for the story.

Let’s stop this together.

This bill does not solve any problems, while unintentionally creating new ones.

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